We are pleased to announce an international conference to be held at the Mountain Culture

and Landscape Research Institute of Western Caspian University on 10-12 May 2019.

Founded in 1991, Western Caspian University is the oldest private higher education

institution in Azerbaijan (for detailed information, please visit our website ).

The Mountain Culture and Landscape Research Institute was established in 2015 under the

auspices of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA).

In cooperation with UIAA, our Institute is organizing an international conference on

“Mountains: Cultures, Landscapes and Biodiversity” which will take place in Baku

(Azerbaijan). Mountainous regions worldwide are affected by the impacts of an

unrestrained exploitation of resources (due to heavy mining and intensive farming) and an

ever-expanding tourism industry that seems to know no bounds. These developments put

pressure on the biodiversity and on the population that has traditionally occupied them.

Against this background, the objective of our conference is to bring together academics,

environmentalists, biologists, tourism experts and other interested professionals in order to

discuss these issues and to find new and creative solutions to the problems that are

increasingly destabilizing many of the world’s most impressive regions.

Panel topics will cover the following areas:

1.    Mountain ecosystems, ecology and biodiversity

∙    The role of mountains in shaping ecosystems and biodiversity

∙    Drivers and process of change: recent trends and impacts

∙    Addressing negative impacts to ecosystems, ecology and biodiversity: adaptation and


2.    Mountain Landscapes:

∙    The importance of physical features in shaping landscapes

∙    Factors influencing landscape and land-use change, trends

3.    Mountain Cultures:

∙    The value of mountain cultures for society.

∙    Socio-economic migration, shifting social structures and their consequences for mountain


∙    Finding common ground: balancing optimal solutions with valued outcomes in a climate

of rapid social transformations

4.    Mountain Tourism and Recreation

∙    Economic activity and mountain protection: can a balance be found?

∙    Mountains and ecotourism: what role for diverse mountain stakeholders in addressing

positive and negative effects?

∙    New perspectives and proposals

Deadline for registration: February 28th, 2019