9th International Conference “An Enterprise Odyssey: Managing Change to Achieve Quality Development”

Change management is a structured approach for ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved. Quality development is considered to be one of the most important change management achievements in organizations as well as in national economies. Essential for quality development is quality assurance, using a continuous quality improvement cycle of monitoring performance against goals and working for improvement. The subject of the conference is focused on the potentials of companies and countries to manage quality development in the most efficient and effective ways. 

Special emphasis is placed on the following topics in business and economic studies:

  Topics of interest  

· Change management 
· Corporate governance
· Crisis management
· Transparency, ethics in business and policy making
· Leadership
· Quality management assurance & control
· SME & entrepreneurship
· Social decision making and responsibility
· Strategy & competitive advantage
· Digital transformation and digital economy
· Game-changers in business: IoT, AI, VR, AR and similar 
· IT governance, IT/Business Strategic Alignment and e-Business 
· Industrial revolution 4.0
· Financial reporting, controlling and audit
· From bureaucratic to network organizations
· Managing quality in higher education
· The role of international accreditations in education
· Education and lifelong learning
· Marketing management
· Tourism management and development
· R&D and innovation
· Financial markets and institutions
· Fiscal and monetary policy
· Environmental, resource, regulatory and  energy economics
· Poverty, distribution of income and unemployment
. Papers on other relevant issues are also welcome