Abdelmajid Bouazza is a Professor in the Department of Information Studies, Sultan Qaboos University. He received his PhD in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, and a Master’s in Information Science from the University of Montreal, Canada. Prof. Bouazza Published 61 papers in international and regional refereed journals and prepared, translated, and contributed to a number of specialized books in Information Science with articles published in the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, Marcel Dekker Foundation in New York and in Encyclopedie Internationale de Bibliologie, Paris. He has presented 68 papers at national, regional and international conferences. His memberships include being President of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information, a member of the executive bureau of the International Association of Bibliologie during the period 1988-1990, head of the Department of Information Studies during the period 2006-2010. He has received Harold Lancour Award for outstanding contribution to the International Studies in Information Science in 1987, the Distinguished Researcher Award from the Sultan Qaboos University in 2006, Distinguished Teacher Award from the Sultan Qaboos University in 2010, Best paper Awards and 2 Best Presentation Awards, Global Illuminators International 2nd Conference, Bangkok, -2015, the Best paper Award from the organizers of 4th International Conference on “Global Trends in Academic Research” (GTAR-April 20-21, 2017) at Venice, Italy. He also received Best paper Award from SLA President during ,Abu Dhabi, UAE (2015).His research interests include Knowledge Management, Internet and Smartphones addiction, Open access, Education of information professionals and the job market needs.