Social Sciences

13 - 15 November 2018

International European Academic Conference on Education and Humanities (WEI-EH-Rome 2018)

International conference in the heart of Rome. We welcome abstracts in various academic disciplines. Education, Humanities and Social Sciences. Please check our website for more details.   

01 - 02 December 2018

Logout TFCR Int.l Conference on Advanced Research in Globalization Issues in Management, Culture, Soc

Dear Colleagues/Professors/Students International Academic Conferences promote international dissemination of knowledge and development of cross-national academic fraternity. The participants come from different backgrounds and countries. They share their researches, experiences and informally cr...

03 - 06 December 2018

European Conference for Academic Disciplines

The Conference's Three Primary Aims The IJAS Conference Series takes place annually in several cities across Europe and North America. The series has three primary aims. The first aim is to provide opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research bot...

26 - 28 October 2018

ICONASH 2018- 2nd International Conference on New Approaches in Social Sciences and Humanities

ICONASH 2018 İstanbul aims to bring together academics and researchers in social science and humanities to exchange and share their experiences, studies, new ideas, research findings and results about all aspects of topics related the conference.  

17 November 2018 - 17 November 2018

Complexities, Appeals, and Paradoxes of Language

Those scholars committed to an inter-disciplinary perspective on human experiences confront centuries-old divisions between and among the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities, competing investigative methods, descriptive foci, and explanatory emphases. Bolstered by specialization, ad...

01 - 02 December 2018

Protest and Dissent: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

The 21st century has seen a resurgence in protest movements and political dissent around the world. Some of these have been multi-national – for example Occupy, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo – whereas others have had more limited or localised scope, focused on issues of political corruption, vio...

11 - 18 September 2019

REMOTE: Rethinking Remoteness, Isolation, and Peripherality

This multidisciplinary conference critically examines the purported drawbacks and potential benefits to remoteness, isolation, and peripherality. Remoteness, isolation, and peripherality have become lenses through which certain territories and communities are valued and assessed. These concepts h...